6 Best Extension Cords for Refrigerator: Buying Guide, Safety Tips & FAQs

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Refrigerators are a necessity in most households. However, they also require power which is not always conveniently located near the appliance. This article will cover six reviews of the best extension cord for refrigerators and provide safety tips to make sure you choose the right one for your needs.

We have also included FAQs to find answers to your questions about refrigerator extension cords.

Buying Guide - How to pick the best extension cord for refrigerator

Buying an extension cord for a refrigerator is much like buying your dream car! First, you must research and know what you want before making the purchase!!

We would suggest you, please consider the following before buying the best extension cord for your refrigerator:

The Voltage of the Cord

Did you know that the best way to save energy and money on your refrigerator is by finding the right extension cord? The first thing we should do to find a good one is looking at its voltage. If it has a suitable voltage, there’s no chance of overheating.

Cord length

Depending on the appliance and wattage, installing an electrical outlet near a refrigerator may be advisable.

The distance from the wall socket should not exceed 3 feet for safety reasons while also considering how often you use that space. If they are too far apart, it might be worth looking for an extension cord with a longer length.

Long cords can drop voltage levels sometimes, but this shouldn’t bother you if your set-up doesn’t place any other family members near that appliance.

Plug type

You may not think about it, but plug type is essential when buying an extension cord. If the wrong one plugs in, your refrigerator could be at risk for damage!

I bought three plug types for my new house since they are thriving ground and perfectly fit any outlet.


The price of the best heavy-duty extension cord for a refrigerator is often one factor when deciding whether to purchase the item. However, depending on your needs, there are several factors you can take into account before making this decision, such as how long it will last and if it’s compatible with what you already have in place.

However, don’t let the cost deter you from buying an excellent quality product that could save time (and money) down the line!

Consider the amperage

To keep your fridge running smoothly, choose the right extension cord. Another factor to consider before buying an extension cord for your refrigerator is the amperage.

It simply implies how much electricity can flow through it without overloading and causing a potential fire hazard or damaging delicate electronics such as televisions and computers plugged in nearby!

6 best extension cords for refrigerator on amazon today

Extension cords are an essential component of any home or office. They come in various lengths and colors to suit all needs, including power tools such as drills and sanders!

But with so many extension cord choices available on the market today, it can be hard to find just the best refrigerator extension cord; that’s why I’m here for you.

After taking some time out from my schedule to do some research into what makes up a suitable quality extension cord – namely its length, wire thicknesses per gauge size/wire type (e.g., copper), insulation material like PVC plastic covering braided ropes versus rubberized materials depending on outdoor use, etc.–here’s what I found:

1. Stanley Grounded Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

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The Stanley Grounded Extension Cord 125 volts is a three-pronged extension cord that works best for heavy-duty appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and air conditioners.

It measures 9 feet long (not many people are happy about it), but this cord has a three-conductor UL rating and 14 gauge wire, making it suitable to power large appliances with high wattage needs.

The vinyl jacket of this extension cord is also waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and moisture-resistant, meaning that your cords will not be damaged during work or in wet conditions such as rainstorms or flooding!

2. AmazonBasics Extension Cord

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The Amazon Basics extension cord is a best seller for its versatility. It has an industrial-grade power strip where you can plug in your refrigerator and then use the long, 25-foot cord to reach other places without unplugging anything!

The rating on this product is 125 volts, but it doesn’t work with high wattage appliances like those mentioned above, which will need more amps than what this extension provides.

The Amazon Basic extension cord is UL-rated but not completely waterproof. It is also a little heavy, making it less suitable for outdoor use.

3. POWTECH Heavy Duty Grounded 3-Pronged cord

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We know how frustrating it is to have your refrigerator, stove, or other high-energy consuming appliance stop working. That’s why the POWTECH 3 conductor heavy duty grounded SPT-3 cord has been created.

It features an angled plug that fits perfectly into any outlet and can withstand the power demands of any appliance in your house! The Cord length ranges from a minimum of 3ft to a maximum of 25ft.

So you have plenty of options depending on how far away from the electrical socket you want to place your device–is there’s not enough space near one?

You don’t need to worry about trying out different lengths because they’re all included too! Plus, its rating has been designed with safety: 15 amps, 125volts, 1875 max watts.

4. GoGreen Power GG-25606 Extension Cord

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The GoGreen Extension Cord is more than just an extension cord. This eco-friendly option will meet the needs of most homes and appliances, including pressing irons, microwaves that are at least 1800 watts or less to make life easier!

It has a sharp color to make it easy to spot for safety reasons. You’ll never be too far from an outlet with this 6-foot length!

The SPT-3 cord is rated to be used with appliances that draw up 15 amps, so it’s perfect for small households. The concern about these cords is that they’re made from copper brass instead of pure copper wire.

5. Iron Forge Cable 16/3 SJTW Green Extension Cable

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Iron Forge Cable Company has you covered when it comes to your home. The green extension cable can be used for multiple purposes for both indoor and outdoor. It is excellent for powering household appliances, including refrigerators, AC, and microwaves, with the latest technology.

This wire also includes an innovated vinyl covering which protects against moisture, sunlight, and abrasion, not to mention reinforced prongs with strengthened blades to prevent them from bending or breaking!

You get all this at a lifetime replacement warranty, ensuring high-quality product delivery straight to your doorstep!

6. Qualihome Heavy Duty Extension Cord

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Sweat, abrasion, and rodents – Qualihome Heavy Duty Extension Cord covers all these factors. Ideal for larger appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and more, this extension cord is perfect for tight spaces.

Staying flush to the wall with its 180-degree angle plug makes it easy to connect without making your PowerPoint too messy (and protect from liquids!). Minor grip grooves on each wire make detangling a breeze, and our rigid vinyl insulation keeps you safe from moisture in case anything gets wet.

This heavy-duty extension cord has got you covered, so get serious about protecting your significant investment!

FAQ on the Best extension cord for refrigerator

What are the types of Extension Cords?

There are mainly three types of extension cords available:

  • Indoor cords: The indoor extension cords are designed to work indoors and are not weather resistant. A wide variety of lengths are available, from 6 feet to 15 feet.
  • Outdoor cords: The outdoor cords are made for use under the most unfavorable weather. These cords can also be used indoors.
  • Contractor cords: These extension cords are specially designed to work in extreme conditions like on a construction site.

Why is it important to choose the right extension cord for your refrigerator?

Since they are plugged into a power source, choosing an appropriate length and type of extension cable can help prevent any accidents from occurring. However, choosing too short of a cord will put you at risk for shock and electrocution!!


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Can you use all extension cords for a refrigerator?

If you are looking for one specific type, not every single extension cord on the market can work well with refrigerators because their specifications differ. Therefore, you should read product descriptions carefully before buying! If in doubt – check if there’s compatibility information available online or call the customer service number provided by the manufacturer.

If you want to use extensions and other tools on one cord, try using the contractor’s cords not to exceed their maximum amperage capacity. This should be about 12A or less if running with appliances such as TVs, fans, etc. An indoor household wire will be perfect if there is no need for more than 200W max output per appliance.

Is there any particular type of outlet needed for a refrigerator?

This depends mainly on where the main power supply comes from, but 95% of North American and European refrigerators are compatible with the standard household outlets that supply 110 volts.

Can one use other tools along with a refrigerator on one extension cord?

Yes and no, both the answers are correct!

Just calculate the total amperage of all the devices before using one extension cord to power multiple appliances.

For example: if all the gadgets in use pull 12 amps from a single extension cord (12A), this may overload the device or even cause damage to its tools or electric cords.

So always be sure not to exceed what an appliance can handle before plugging additional ones into a running circuit with any extension cable at hand for safety purposes when working on electrical systems around your home.

Safety Tips For the Best Extension Cord for Refrigerator

  • The best way to make sure refrigerator extension cords are safe is by taking the necessary precautions before using them. For example, suppose you have a cord that has gotten wet, for instance, due to rain or proximity to an open window. In that case, it’s essential not to use it because it may pose potential dangers such as electrocution and electric shock.

    To avoid damaging your property and personal relations, always follow these safety guidelines:

    • It would help if you never cut the grounding prong off a three-pronged plug. But, if you do, you are putting yourself and anyone else that uses the appliance at risk.
    • I’m not a big fan of adapters. Connecting the cord directly to the outlet is easier than using an adapter to keep track of it.
    • Always use the appropriate cord to avoid hazards.
    • Do not overload the cord. Instead, use the type and number of appliances the cord is made to handle perfectly.
    • Whether water-resistant or not, never use your extension cord running through water.
    • Never use a cord if the wire gauge is already exposed.
    • The extension cord should fit into an outlet easily, never force into it.
    • Always use a cord with a high rating on your appliance.

Final Verdict on the Best Extension Cord for Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a major home appliance, and if you do not have the right cord to power it, your fridge will be of little use.

The best heavy-duty extension cord for refrigerators should handle high amperage loads, allowing them to run more than one device simultaneously.

We’ve compiled six reviews on some of the best-selling extension cords on Amazon with all you need to know about these customer favorites to make an informed purchase decision!


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