5 Best Freezer Alarm Reviews and Buying Guide

Freezer is an essential commodity for every household now a days, especially if you have a large family. But nobody wants to see his or her favorite foods spoiled because the temperature level in the freezer was too high or very low. While it is very frustrating to seeing your foods being spoiled, it would be rather annoying if you have to check the temperature of the freezer every now and then.

However, there is an effective and easy solution to the problem; by setting up the best freezer alarms. Those Wi-Fi freezer alarms would set you free from checking the freezer temperature and ensure your foods in the freezer are always safe and fresh and ready for consumption.

And guess what, you can monitor and control the presets of your freezer from far away using these wireless alarms.

Before you go and a make a decision, we suggest you please know more about the freezer alarms. And to help you with that we have designed this article with freezer alarm reviews, buying guide, and compiled a short list of the best freezer alarms for you to choose from.

Taking full control of your freezer has never been such easy!

What Are these Wi-Fi Alarms?

If you want me to describe in a simple manner, Wifi alarms are nothing but monitors which can be controlled remotely. In other words, a digital thermometer that would track the changes in the temperature inside of the freezer and which can be controlled through a remote monitor is our device. Now a days, it gives you the freedom to monitor the humidity as well.

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Adding up with the modern technology, these devices can send the insider data to the receiver through wireless or Bluetooth connections. Being a user you can receive the real time data in any of the smart devices including phone, tab, computer etc. On top of that, these machines come with different cool features the manufacturers offer.

Why Are the Best Freezer Alarms Useful?

  • Technology is bliss

Wireless smart technology has been a blessing for mankind in making the lifestyle convenient and effortless. Take advantage of the technology design in the form of Wi-fi alarms. Who would have thought earlier that you can monitor the temperature and humidity of a fridge!

  • Gives you freedom

Roam around wherever you want without being worried about your foods and medicines in the freezer being thawed and spoiled. As the Wifi freezer alarm can remotely send you messages over the internet, you don’t have to stay home to monitor and establish control over the freezer. Enjoy the freedom now!

  • Have Control even on the go

Nowadays, these Wi-Fi alarm devices are much more helpful than you thought. They not only alert us when needed, but they also give us the control to adjust the temperature or humidity levels of the freezer. So what you need to have is an internet connection to have control of the freezer possibly from miles away from home.

  • The utility that comes cheap

The best part of a freezer alarm is, it is super cheap and affordable. And you can use that to monitor outdoor temperature like in your garden, office, storeroom, kids’ room; in any place that deems necessary. This way, this inexpensive device can be helpful in saving your precious foods and supplies in the freezer and if not you can still this in other places.

Our Buyer's guide for the Best Freezer Alarm

Now you’re convinced to buy the best freezer alarms, there are few things you need to take into consideration before getting one for your household. Please take careful notes of things enumerated below:

  1. Type of Alarm – Alarm system might seem to be similar for all the models you consider. Most of them make a beep sound and would require manual turn-off, but there are some that come with hi-tech and can automatically send data alerts to you.
  2. Readings – Best freezer alarms come with different thermometers for monitoring outdoor and indoor temperatures, and have different memory options for keeping the number of maximum and minimum temperature records. Choose the one as per your need.
  3. Easy to use and install – The ease of usage and installation for any machine is important from a user’s perspective. You should pick the one you can install quickly and without any complications.
  4. Warranty – Choose the ones that come with a longer period of warranty and without compromising other burning features you would need.
  5. Range of Transmission – The more area the freezer alarm covers, the better for you as you can monitor from far.
  6. The number of sensors – if you need to monitor several areas, you need to choose from the models that come with more than one remote sensor.
  7. Monitoring frequency – the freezer alarm that monitors the update more frequently, say after 30-60 seconds, is more efficient in monitoring your freezer.
  8. Source of Power – The batteries required should be easily available and replaceable at the time of need.
  9. Low battery indicator – This feature is often helpful or otherwise, you need to monitor the device you installed for monitoring another device!

Best Freezer Alarm Reviews -

1. AcuRite Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer with Temperature Alerts

AcuRite Digital Wireless Fridge and Freezer Thermometer with Alarm and Max/Min Temperature for Home and Restaurants (00986M), 0.6, White
  • Digital Thermometers: Includes one refrigerator thermometer and one freezer thermometer that transmit readings to the digital display
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Display: Comes with magnetic backing for fridge mounting and a keyhole for mounting on a wall
  • Customizable Temperature Alarms: Be alerted to temperature spikes caused by mistakenly leaving the fridge or freezer door open, or a failing appliance
  • Multipurpose Silicone Sensor Straps: Can be used with the included suction cups or wrapped around a wire shelf inside the fridge or freezer
  • Temperature Range: -40 °F to 100 °F (-40 °C to 37 °C)

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The top in our list is from AcuRite brand that is loved by many people. Like all the other top products available, it allows you to store supplies in your freezer without being worried about the temperature fall and spoiled food. This comes with a programmed alarm that notifies the use in two different ways; through sound and through monitor visuals in the screen when the temperature spikes below and above the desired point as previously set.

The gadget comes with a magnet and a keyhole for mounting purposes. You can set the temperature in both Fahrenheit (-40 to 37 degrees) and in Celsius (-40 to 100 degrees). The wireless range is up to 75 feet (23 meters).

Most customers stated that it lived up to its expectations, and they like that it has two monitors. Some people experienced the accuracy being a bit off, or trouble with their batteries, but overall the feedback was positive.

2. Proteus AMBIO WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor

Proteus AMBIO - Wifi Temperature Humidity sensor with Buzzer and Email / Text Alerts
  • Cloud connected WiFi Temperature Humidity sensor with NO monthly charges
  • Connects to your home or office wifi. No hub or gateway required.
  • Sends alerts by email/ text messages to multiple phones and emails.
  • Easy set up, plugs directly into wall outlet. Sensor sticks out 3 inches for improved accuracy. Contact us if you need longer sensor cable.
  • Programmable smart buzzer can be turned off after few minutes to avoid prolonged beep noise

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If you are looking for the best freezer alarm that has a cloud connection, this unit from Proteus is the best option for you. Proteus AMBIO WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor is very easy to set up.

You can connect the Proteus AMBIO WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor Thermometer to your home or office WiFi connection without any hassle. The best part is, you don’t have to pay anything for the cloud connectivity.

This freezer alarm also comes with the facility that you can add multiple phone and emails to send the alerts to. The model has a programmable smart buzzer that you can turn off after a few minutes.

3. Brifit Refrigerator Thermometer

(Upgraded Version) AMIR Refrigerator Thermometer, Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer with 2 Sensors, Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Audible Alarm Temperature Gauge for Freezer Kitchen Home
  • ☑【2 Wireless Sensors】 Built-in the console and 2 remote sensors, the wireless fridge thermometer can display indoor temperature and 2 groups of outdoor temperature simultaneously. You can put the sensor in the refrigerator or outdoor.
  • ☑【Audio Alarm】The wireless thermometer set the alarm max & min temperature.The base will ring once the temperature is higher than the max or lower than the min set temperature.
  • ☑【Easy to Read Display】The LCD screen with large digit.Records Min and Max temperature provides the historical temperatures readings. With this feature, you can easily monitor the temperature change of your refrigerator and provide double protection to your food safety.
  • ☑【Wide Range】The indoor/outdoor thermometer range: Indoor -10℃~ 60℃ (14℉~ 140℉), Outdoor -40℃~ 60℃ (-40℉~140℉ ) and the transmission range is 100M/328ft(open area). You can use it in the fridge, freezer or outdoor, which provides safe food storage.
  • ☑【Multiple Installtion Ways】The wireless thermometer is easy to install. The display unit can stand on the table, hang on the wall, magnet on the refrigerator. The wireless sensor can clip on door or hang on the wall.【NOTE: Enjoy 1-year buyer's Assurance and lifetime support from our friendly support team】

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This unit of Brifit comes with two remote sensors and one built in console which would display the three temperatures (two temperatures from two sensors and the third temperature where the console is placed) at one point.

The power can be sourced either from the battery or by plugging in using the USB cable and an AC adapter. The sensors are also battery operated. The whole  Brifit Refrigerator Thermometer is very easy to set up.

The wireless thermometer sensors work in a wide range and when the threshold is breached, the visual alarm goes off at the console. The backlight on the console shows clear digits for reading. However, customers complaint that setting the range is complicated.

4. ORIA Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer

ORIA Refrigerator Thermometer, Fridge Thermometer, Freezer Room Thermometer, Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Waterproof, Alarm Function, for Freezer, Refrigerator, Cooler (2 Sensors, 3 Channels)
  • 【Max/Min Temperature】 The Max/ Min temeprature data will update every 24h. Pls be attention that the product cannot hold the max/min temperature all the time. The product is not support to view all the recorded previous temperatures. You can press button "clear" once quickly to remove the Min/Max temperaturen data. And it will update to the new data.
  • 【Note】 The product do not have the function to remember all the history Max/Min temperature data. Only show the data within 24h. After installing in the sensors and host, the host enters RF reception mode and then waits for signals transmitted by the sensors. The alarm will not go off within the first 10mins after turning upper/lower limit alarm function on, the function will be activated after the first 10mins.
  • 【Alarm】 With audible alarm, you can set the maximum and minimum alarm value manually. It can ring when the temperature value reaches at the point of limit max or min alarm value that you pre-set.
  • 【Easy Use】 There are 6 function keys on the main unit and signal indicator on the transmitter, you just press the corresponding key to turn on/off the alarm, switch the Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • 【Multiple Installation】 With integrated magnets, a hanging hole and a bracket at the back, you can put the main unit in refrigerator door, hang on the wall or stand on the table. Please install the new battery to make sure the accuracy.

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Though ORIA Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer is in no. 4 of our list, that doesn’t mean it is any worse than the top 3. Like all the other best freezer alarms in the list, you can manually set the maximum and minimum temperature range in your freezer. An audible alarm rings when the freezer temperatures go above or below the range you previously set with the visual alarms.

The alarm comes with 2 remote sensors which empowers you for monitoring both the indoor and outdoor temperatures of your freezer simultaneously. Simply mount one sensor inside the freezer and the other one outdoors and you are set to go.

You can even record the minimum and maximum temperatures of your freezer using the device which is helpful for you if you want to monitor the trend in temperatures in your particular area.

Installation of the system is very easy and it is easy to use. There are total 6 function keys on the central unit each of which is clearly labeled for you to easily navigate. And the sensing device covers 328 ft (100 m).

4. Iapsales Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer Alarm

Easy to Read: Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer Alarm, High & Low Temperature Alarms Settings
  • EASY TO READ: Large LCD Display 5/8” Numbers, Toggle from Indoor Room to Refrigerator / Freezer Temperatures.
  • (2) TWO ALARM SETTINGS: High and Low Temperature Manually Set Alarms
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -58 to 158°F (-50 to 70°C) with an Accuracy of +/- 2°F
  • (3) THREE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Magnet, Key Hole or Flip Down Stand
  • FULL 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied for *Any Reason*, JUST SEND IT BACK

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The first feature that comes into my mind about the freezer is, it works within an excellent range of temperature from -50° to 70°C (-58° to 158°F) and like the other model described above this machine can also record temperature history.

It comes with a LCD screen which is large and you can read the data easily. You can also set the data in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

You can set the alarm in two setting, low and high. Once the temperature exceeds your pre-set high or goes below the low, the alarm will give you visual/audible signals for you to take necessary measures.

The machine comes with 3 options for mounting (keyhole, magnet and flip downstand), making your job easy for installation. The sensor alarm can easily be programmed.

How to Get the Best Out of the Best Freezer Alarms?

Now as you have some basic understanding of the freezer alarms and let’s get into the points to get the best out of the gadget. These are the steps we recommend you to follow:

  • Step 1: Mount the device and the sensors

Once you received the product, your first job is to mount the sensors. Most of the alarms will come with two sensors. To get the most out of it, put the two sensors both sides of the freezer. And make sure you install them inside. The units should come with some other parts like suction cups, brackets, glues etc.

But before you mount things inside, please make sure the battery is installed correctly.

Then mount the monitoring device as well. Choose the appropriate spot, often the one your eyes often go to, or your worktable or you can choose the fridge door. Bottom line is, the place where you’re going to stay most of the times should be chosen for mounting up the monitor.  Once it is done, you would power on the monitoring device. Most of them will require a battery but there are some that can be run by plugging in to the electric power.

  • Step 2: Set up the functions

Once everything is set up and both the sensors (thermometer) and monitor screen are working fine, you need to set up the functions as per your need which would include the desired temperature, humidity etc.

Now all the things are ready, your worries are gone!

After reviewing more than 60+ products available in the market, these are our top 5 picks of the best freezer alarms for you to choose from. Please go through the freezer alarm reviews and choose your one.


We hope this article will help you for picking up the alarm for your freezer or even for other appliances like wine cellar. You can now move free without being worried to monitor your devices only with a little help from wireless connection and the internet.

Now you can choose your desired alarm devices from our top 5 and take control over your freezer or other devices by tracking the temperature on the go.


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