Best Retro Refrigerator for a Vintage Look: Top 4 Product Reviews & Buying Guide

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Whether you’re looking for a sleek vintage refrigerator for your home or a unique way to show off your style and sense of decor, retro refrigerators offer the perfect blend of style and function. Retro refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to fit any budget.

To help you find the best retro refrigerator for your home, we’ve rounded up four top picks and provided detailed reviews and a helpful buying guide. This blog post will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect retro refrigerator to fit your style.

Best Retro Fridge to Give Your Home a Vintage Look

Our experts have carefully reviewed our top four retro refrigerators to help you make the best selection for your home.

1. Galanz GLR12TBEEFR Retro Style Refrigerator

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Say hello to the coolest kitchen companion – the Galanz GLR12TBEEFR Retro Style Refrigerator! This stylish refrigerator’s retro design will surely be a conversation piece at your next get-together. And not just for its good looks, but also for its efficiency – the R600a compressor means fabulous food quickly and lower energy consumption! It’s designed with adjustable feet so you can get it leveled anywhere, so no matter what space you have in your kitchen or bar area, this fridge will fit right in.

Its sleek, vintage design will take your kitchen to the next level – turning it into a 1950s-style diner. You’ll love the deep yet subtle hue of its crimson color, adding a hint of boldness to any atmosphere. But this appliance is all about more than looks. Its 23.74″ W x 66.93″ H x 29.45″ D dimensions will provide you with plenty of storage space, even for those large bulky items like turkeys or watermelons!

And thanks to its efficient energy environment, it only requires 120V/60Hz, so you won’t have to worry about electricity bills skyrocketing from heavy usage. With a temperature range from 32ᵒ F to 47ᵒ F in the refrigerator and <=0ᵒ F in the freezer compartment, you can be sure that your food and beverages will stay ultra-fresh for everyone’s enjoyment!

With the Galanz GLR12TBEEFR Retro Style Refrigerators, you can cool off in style! This unique refrigerator has all the features you need, like removable glass shelves and a wine rack for easy cleaning and organization, a removable slide-out shelf for even more storage options, and a state-of-the-art temperature control system.

But what makes this appliance special is its classic retro design—it’s sure to add fun and flair to any room! Whether you’re cooking up something fresh mid-day or chilling your leftovers on Sunday night, this fridge is at your service and ready to help make mealtime more stylish.

Its iconic retro design will look great in any kitchen and give your home a touch of nostalgia. Equipped with adjustable temperature control, the Galanz refrigerator can be easily managed to keep all your perishables fresh and delicious. Simply turn the control dial from cool to cold to coldest and enjoy chilled drinks when needed!

No need to sacrifice modern amenities for a vintage design; this refrigerator offers plenty of storage and convenience in a fun retro package. This double-door design gives you over 12 cubic feet of interior space to store all your favorite ingredients, so you can make all kinds of meals for friends and family. The freezer compartment is perfect for storing frozen foods or making ice cubes, while the door also offers a spot for your favorite canned beverages.

2. Smeg FAB32URRD3 Retro Style Freestanding Refrigerator 

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Introducing the Smeg FAB32URRD3 Retro Freestanding Refrigerator – a classic 1950s-inspired refrigerator that provides plenty of room for all your favorite foods! This unique fridge is designed with 3 adjustable glass shelves, providing stability and plenty of storage space.

With Smeg’s signature 50s-style casing and sleek, stainless steel handles, this fridge has an iconic vintage look while still delivering modern convenience. With its eye-catching design, silent operation, and environmentally friendly cooling system, this retro refrigerator is perfect for any home. Add a bit of nostalgia to your kitchen today and make mealtime more fun with the Smeg FAB32URRD3 Retro Freestanding Refrigerator!

With one convenient bottle storage shelf, you can keep your favorite beverages perfectly cooled for a refreshing deliciousness every time. That’s added convenience you won’t find in other vintage refrigerators. The interior offers adjustable bins on the door for spacious storage options, so organizing groceries and leftovers has never been easier. You’re sure to love the look and all the modern conveniences this refrigerator provides!

It has an impressive 3.43 cubic feet of freezer capacity, giving you plenty of space to store all your frozen foods and treats. With this Smeg refrigerator in your home, you can finally say goodbye to stressed-out last-minute grocery runs. Keep all your favorite treats stocked up and ready for when cravings strike!

The FAB32URRD3’s Multi-Flow Cooling System has you covered, providing even cooling throughout your fridge, so everything stays consistently fresh. And with a spacious 8.26 cu ft of storage capacity, you can rest assured that all your favorite food items will stay in tip-top shape. don’t forget about the special Life Plus Zone – it keeps food 28-37°F, so it stays fresher for even longer! It’ll blow your mind how much better your food can taste when kept in those proper temperatures. 

But wait, there’s more! Don’t sacrifice great style for great tech; the FAB32URRD3 is delightfully nostalgic thanks to its retro design from times gone by (but, of course, with all the factory-fresh innovation). Finally, you can brighten up any task inside with an energy-efficient LED internal light – bask in its glow while you enjoy perfectly chilled snacks! 

No matter what kind of household or kitchen layout you have, this essential kitchen set never fails to provide style and optimal performance. Get ready for a convenient and cool fridge when you make room for Smeg’s FAB32URRD3 Retro Style Freestanding Refrigerator!

This fun, vintage-inspired refrigerator can be the perfect addition to any kitchen. It boasts an impressive 77 1/2” x 23 2∕3” x 30 1/4” (handle included) of internal storage, giving you plenty of space for all your cold food items. The freezer drawers are a bit old-fashioned.

Upgrade your cooking space with this one-of-a-kind piece of vintage nostalgia. Imagine yourself sipping a Martini while admiring its sleek lines and classic vibes. Step back into time and add some character to your kitchen with this Smeg FAB32URRD3 Retro Style Freestanding Refrigerator today!

3. FRIGIDAIRE EFR756 Retro Refrigerator with Top Freezer

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Add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen with the FRIGIDAIRE EFR756 Retro Refrigerator! This classic look comes with modern features, designed with convenience and easy access in mind. It has an accessible top freezer compartment, three adjustable slide-out glass shelves, one transparent vegetable crisper, and four clear adjustable door shelves. you can level it out using two adjustable legs at the front – and if you need to move it around, there are even two castors mounted at the back!

Don’t let spills ruin the party! Are you tired of dealing with cloudy bottles and sticky jars on your refrigerator shelves? Meet your new favorite appliance – the FRIGIDAIRE EFR756, one of the best retro fridges on our list! This sleek, sophisticated refrigerator has all the bells and whistles of a modern-day fridge but with a charming retro aesthetic inspired by 1950s style.

No more worrying about spills during your next gathering – this refrigerator has got you covered, literally! The spillproof glass shelves contain spills and make cleanup a breeze, meaning no more messes cascading onto shelves below. Its classic chrome handle adds a touch of pizzazz to any kitchen. So go ahead – invite everyone you know over for dinner. The FRIGIDAIRE Retro Refrigerator will keep both your food and your party safe!

The convenient storage bins in the door mean you can keep smaller items handy and organized while saving space in the main compartment. They’re perfect for stocking up on snack items and condiments or your favorite beverages. You’ll be able to find exactly what you need when you need it, without a hassle, all while looking stylish!

This dependable retro-style fridge also provides efficient and even cooling throughout, so your food stays fresher for longer. The top freezer is spacious enough to store all your frozen foods but won’t dominate your kitchen space thanks to its slim and sleek design. So add some playful style and convenience to your kitchen with the FRIGIDAIRE EFR756 Retro Refrigerator with Top Freezer!

The vegetable & fruit crisper bin helps keep fruits and veggies as fresh as can be, giving you maximum savings that’ll last through all your meals. Keep it cool and classic with this new retro refrigerator from Frigidaire today!

Not only does it look timelessly stylish, but it also has all the modern amenities you need! With easy-to-use accessible mechanical controls and an adjustable thermostat, you can keep your food perfectly cooled to the temperature that suits you best. Its space-saving flush-back design makes it ideal for cramped spaces.

One of the best retro refrigerators, this fridge is like a time machine for your kitchen – always up-to-date with the latest cooling technology and style! Get yours today and make all of your snacks cool in retro vintage style.

4. RCA RFR786-RED 2-Door Retro Refrigerator with Freezer

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eep your food and drinks cool, fresh, and ready with the RCA RFR786-RED 2 Door Refrigerator with Freezer. This large-capacity style is perfect for storing your meals, snacks, and beverages. With a 7.5 cu ft storage capacity, you won’t have to worry about running out of space or making extra trips to the grocery store!

The added electric lock function provides extra safety and security to ensure your food is safe and sound. But that’s not all—with a retro yet practical design, it’ll look great in any kitchen plus, its easy-to-use features make this refrigerator much more fun than your average fridge.

This vintage fridge is perfect for any size space and will add a unique, aesthetically pleasing look to your home. The bright, incandescent lighting makes tracking all your food items and freezer compartments easy. The full-width fixed wire shelves are great for neatly organizing your frozen treats.

This red refrigerator will make sure your food stays fresh and delicious no matter what! With two doors and top and bottom compartments, this model helps you organize your items more efficiently.

And you can kiss produce spoilage goodbye as it includes a spacious vegetable and fruit crisper bin which preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Its storage bins on the door are also ideal for keeping other foods and beverages handy while freeing up valuable shelf space in the main compartment.

Featuring easy-to-clean spill-proof glass shelves, you won’t need to worry about any unwanted liquid messes getting on your lower shelves. The fridge interior also offers plenty of storage for all of your favorite perishables and snacks, plus a dedicated freezer compartment for frozen goodies like ice cream and more. A quick manual defrost mode makes it easy to remove ice from this machine in no time. 

You’ll love its flexibility with its reversible door capability, so you can place it anywhere from your kitchen to your garage. As if that wasn’t enough convenience, this fridge also has adjustable legs that let you keep it level no matter how wonky your flooring may be.

Refrigerate and easily freeze all the things you need when choosing this fun-loving Pop Art-inspired look! From ice cream to vegetables, this ‘fridge knows no boundaries – get yours today for a big dose of colorful personality for your space.

Buying Guide for the Best Retro Refrigerator in 2023

Buyer's Guide for the Best Retro Refrigerator

When you’re looking for a retro fridge, there are certain features that you should pay attention to. From the type of compressor used to the size and shape of your fridge, each feature plays a vital role in making sure your food stays fresh while also providing a vintage look.

Consider these tips and ideas when shopping around for the perfect retro fridges:

Size and capacity

The size of your retro fridge will depend on the amount of food you need to store. It’s important to consider its height, width, and depth when purchasing a refrigerator to fit in the available space. Look for a model with enough storage for all your perishables and frozen items.


The compressor is part of the cooling system that keeps your food fresh. Look for a model with an efficient, reliable compressor to help ensure long-lasting performance and energy efficiency. There are two types of compressors: reciprocating and rotary. Rotary ones are more efficient but can be noisy in operation.


Consider the look and feel of your retro-style refrigerators. A classic, vintage design can add an extra style to any kitchen, indoor or outdoor. Look for a model with interior lighting and adjustable shelves to make the fridge easier to use and manage.

Energy efficiency

Many refrigerators come with an energy-efficient label, which can help you save on your electricity bills in the long run. Check out models that offer insulation and airtight seals, as they can help keep the temperature inside your fridge consistent.


This is an important factor when choosing any appliance. Look for a mini fridge that offers quality features at a reasonable price. You can find plenty of great models available in different price ranges, so you can easily find the right one to fit your budget.

Noise level

Be sure to check the noise level of your fridge, as this will be important for your home environment. Look for a model designed to operate quietly and efficiently at all times.

With these tips, you can easily find the best retro refrigerator to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a classic design with all the modern features or a more unique and colorful style, plenty of great options are available. With the right refrigerator, you’ll have fresh food and a look that will never go out of style!

Best Retro Refrigerator FAQs

Best Retro Fridge for Your Vintage Home


Q1: What is the difference between a regular and a retro refrigerator?

A: The main difference between a regular and a retro refrigerator lies in the design aesthetics. A regular fridge typically has a more modern look, while a retro fridge features more of an old-school vibe with rounded edges, bright colors, and exciting designs.

Q2: How do I know which size retro refrigerator is right for my space?

A: To determine the right size retro refrigerator for your space, you should measure the area where it will be placed. You will then want to consider the capacity of food and drinks you need to store and select a model that meets your needs.

Q3: Are there any energy-saving features I should look for when purchasing a retro refrigerator?

A: Yes! Look for a model with insulation and an airtight seal to keep the interior temperature consistent. This will help save energy and lower your electricity bills in the long run. Additionally, consider models with efficient compressors to further increase energy efficiency. There are some solar-powered refrigerators available in the market.

Final Words

Best Retro Refrigerator in 2023

When choosing the perfect retro refrigerator, there’s no shortage of great options available. When deciding, consider the size and capacity, compressor type, design features, energy efficiency, price point, and noise level. With some research and careful consideration, you can find the ideal retro refrigerator for your home that looks great and provides reliable performance.

We hope this buying guide and FAQs help you find the perfect retro refrigerator for your home. Happy shopping!


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