The Best RV Refrigerator Fan: FAQs, Buying Guide & Reviews

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An RV refrigerator fan is a cooling device that helps to maintain the temperature of your fridge in your RV. It does this by blowing cold air into the refrigerator and hot air out. This blog post will answer some questions about an RV refrigerator fan, why you need one, and how it works. We will also provide reviews of the best RV refrigerator fans on Amazon so that you can choose which one best fits your needs!

Your Buying Guide for the Best RV Refrigerator Fan

A fridge is an essential appliance for any RV, but it’s also the most complicated. It can be challenging to choose when there are so many brands around with different features and strengths. But don’t worry! We’ve created this guide that will help you decide once and for all what type of fan would work best in your RV kitchenette.

Controlled Thermostatically

The RV fridge fan is an essential piece of equipment for any vehicle, and it’s challenging to find a good one in the market. Thermostatically controlled models are more expensive, but they also offer better performance, energy efficiency, and convenience than the other types available on a budget-friendly price range. There should be every reason you want to invest in such a high-quality unit that will last longer, even if your first investment into this product is higher than most people can afford.

Source of Power

These fans either come in battery-operated mode or with 12v DC cable connections. The battery-operated RV refrigerator fan is excellent in conserving power in your RV. Still, if you intend to run on it for months, getting a 12v model that can be solar-compatible and preserve energy is recommended.


Fans come in different sizes; they can be as small as 70mm to a hefty 200mm. As the size of the fan doesn’t affect its efficiency as a whole, we would suggest you better get a smaller fan for easy placement into small spaces. Fans are typically either vent-mounted or roof-mounted since these two setups offer a range of benefits depending on what they are meant to do.


The design of your fan largely depends on where you plan on installing it – vent-mounted types can be more powerful and offer better ventilation as they suck out the hot air. However, if you intend to mount them externally, some designs might not work well with this placement.

Method of Installation

Vent-mounted fans are designed to exhaust air from the RV, while roof-mounted ones have it all in reverse.


A warranty will cover you if the product malfunctions, and possibly anything can go wrong. You will always feel safer with a longer replacement warranty.

Other features

Please make sure if the fan does have the other features you might be looking for (example: waterproof, dustproof, etc.).

Best RV Refrigerator Fan Reviews -

1. Camco Fridge Airator Model 44124

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With the Camco fridge airator, you can keep your refrigerator organized and cool without breaking the bank on expensive cooling systems. This handy device is excellent for those who prefer a small, personal fresh food refrigerator.

It contains an activated charcoal pack that will absorb odors, so your RV refrigerator smells fresh when you open it up! Place the activated charcoal in front of the fan to have its cold air blown upwards out of multiple fridge vents.

The fan only runs for a month on one D cell battery which is included, and has an easy-to-use on/off switch straight from the packaging–no assembly required!

2. Strong Quiet 12025 Fan by Pano-Mounts

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The Strong Quiet 12025 Fan is a computer case fan made by Pano-Mounts. This convenient cooling device is perfect for RV refrigerators and will help you keep up the efficiency of your appliance.

The quiet operation doesn’t hinder your freedom of movement around the RV while maintaining full fridge functionality without worrying about spoiled food.

The durable construction means it lasts for a long time to come without hiccups, which makes it worth its low purchase price!

To those looking for a quiet, high-performance refrigerator vent fan to add to their RV without having it take up too much energy, this is the product you need.

It may not be thermostatically controlled, but we can work to fix that with our knowledge of electronic connections! With its two-pin connector and 1600 RPM rotation speed, the Strong Quiet 12025 Fan by Pano-Mounts will undoubtedly address any cold nights or warm days faced in your RV’s life.

3. Titan 12v Dc Double Rack Mount Fridge Fan

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The Titan 12v Dc Double Rack Mount Fridge Fan is an RV cooling fan designed for vent and grille mounting during trips.

Whether you want to cool your fridge or luggage, this light/medium weight appliance can easily do the job.

It’s pretty pricey, though, but it is also one of the most reliable products on the market today, especially if you are traveling long distances in a motorhome!

What sets it apart from other devices is its 6 level controller that allows for comfortable placement inside your vehicle.

With automatic temperature mode or even manual adjustment options, this fantastic product does everything without ever letting you out of a tight spot, not even when there are different remotes around your home already commanding other appliances!

Do you suffer from the same problems I do? For example, my RV fridge never seems to get cold enough when it’s over 90 degrees outside, which means all my food spoils.

That is until I found and used this titan 12v dc double-rack mount fridge fan. This refrigerator vent fan plugs directly into your car cigarette lighter plug and hangs on the ceiling of your RV.

Plug it in an hour before driving off so that as cooler air moves into the car, a breeze will enter through the back of your truck and push out hot, disgusting air from inside!

It’s perfectly safe because only 48 volts are transferred to power what is just a light LED cooling device without any chance for electric shocks or injury during use.

4. ORIA Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer

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Though ORIA Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer is in no. 4 of our list, that doesn’t mean it is any worse than the top 3. Like all the other best freezer alarms on the list, you can manually set the maximum and minimum temperature range in your freezer. An audible alarm rings when the freezer temperatures go above or below the range you previously set with the visual alarms.

The alarm comes with two remote sensors, which empower you to monitor your freezer’s indoor and outdoor temperatures simultaneously. Mount one sensor inside the freezer and the other outdoors, and you are set to go.

You can even record the minimum and maximum temperatures of your freezer using the device, which is helpful for you if you want to monitor the trend in temperatures in your particular area.

Installation of the system is straightforward, and it is easy to use. There are six function keys on the central unit, each clearly labeled for you to navigate easily. And the sensing device covers 328 ft (100 m).

4. AeroCool Silent Master Cooling Fan

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Put this AeroCool Silent Master 200mm Cooling Fan on your RV refrigerator and enjoy easy access to cold drinks when out on long trips.

You can keep the food in your entire fridge safe from spoilage, too. And because our fan is aerodynamic and has such minimal noise level, it’ll be easy for you and everyone else in the camper to sleep peacefully through even the hottest night.

Users can choose between the blue or red LED system, both of which are bright enough to greet you once it starts up with its non-intrusive light. Built for constant use, this cooling solution has been designed with style in mind and meets every other requirement!

AeroCool Silent Master PC Cooling Fan is a 12v DC that does not require batteries to work. It comes with screws and detailed instructions for installation, but note that this device does not come with a thermostat, so be sure to get an additional device if you need one.

5. Valterra Fridgecool Exhaust Fan

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The Valterra A10-2618VP FridgeCool Exhaust Fan can keep cold air and ice behind its solid insulated enclosure system keeping everything fresh.

The side of the product is designed for easy installation with mounting holes on all four corners. In addition, its wholly sealed design ensures that no outside heat will be able to reach your refrigerator while this fridge fan keeps things down to a cool temperature.

The feature that won millions of hearts is that the Valterra fan can turn on and off automatically as and when needed. The operational temperature for the device is between 80°F to 100°F; it switches off below and above these.

The Valterra Fridgecool Exhaust Fan is great for small spaces with little ventilation. It runs on a 12-volt power source and can be shut off to save battery life when being stored. Living green has never been easier!

It is a quick, easy and affordable way to help keep your fridge’s coils cool while driving. It is powerful enough to expel hot air from a distance of 12 inches.

The Valterra Fridgecool Exhaust Fan can be installed on the roof vent, back of the refrigerator magnetically at this base, or mounted onto an outside wall near the appliance.

The Valterra Fridgecool Exhaust Fan is both energy efficient and aesthetically appealing while being more than just a soundless fan. Just make sure you have your tools ready before installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a refrigerator fan for RV?

The RV refrigerator fan is a small device that helps your camper’s fridge to run more efficiently. Unlike the regular residential fridges, it requires removing heat from its absorption unit with chemicals and ventilation to overheat or spoil food items stored inside.

The fridge generally needs help to keep cool air circulating to maintain the temperature, as it can efficiently heat up and spoil food. That’s where fans come into play – they provide airflow so that the appliance doesn’t overheat.

The purpose of these appliances is not just cooling but also noise reduction (the motor will usually be tucked away).

Refrigerator fans are often built into an icebox or mounted externally on top of cabinets. Built-in models have larger vents which enable them to take full advantage of their size. At the same time, external units should be installed high enough from any combustible materials such as gas stovetops and flames.

How much does an RV refrigerator fan cost?

This is difficult to say as they vary in price depending on the model and features. For example, the simpler models can be found for around $30, while more powerful ones might increase to $200 or higher.

How do RV refrigerator fans work?

If you’re looking to keep your fridge cool and efficient, an RV refrigerator fan could be the answer. Installed inside or outside of our appliances, these fans can make a world of difference in how cold they stay at all times. The evaporator coil is where hot air turns into liquid water vapor that condenses on the steel coil so it won’t affect any other part of your unit’s mechanism; this also means if there isn’t enough airflow around the coil, then dangerous heat will build up – with a bit of help from one handy device!

An RV Refrigerator Fan installed near the top left corner should have no issues blowing out warm air before it reaches anything important for cooling purposes. As long as we install them correctly and maintain their proper use, we’ll never have to worry about hot spots occurring.

One of the best things about RV refrigerator fans is that they are easy to install! They come with a magnetic base that can be attached to any metallic surface (like our fridge) or even placed on top of it. There’s no need for complicated electrical wiring because these fans operate using DC power and only require one plug outlet to function correctly – something convenient when living out of your vehicle full time!

The installation process will take just five minutes at most, and then all you’ll have left to do is enjoy its amazing cooling effects without having to stress over expensive repairs down the line; not bad if you ask me!

What are the different types of RV refrigerator fans?

Based on the power source, RV refrigerator fans can be classified. They come in two different power sources, either with D batteries or a 12v DC power source, also known as household voltage in most countries!

Why do you need a refrigerator fan for RV?

The primary purpose of an RV fridge is to keep food cold and fresh. So the most important thing about the refrigerator is the cooling system! That’s why having a good quality best RV refrigerator fans installed can offer significant benefits like reduced battery consumption due to low-voltage leakages, increased lifespan thanks to long-lasting batteries (D type), continuous airflow that won’t stop, unlike regular household appliances which have an on/off switch – not so convenient when out camping!

How do I make my RV fridge cool faster?

RV refrigerator cooling time can be reduced by 50% by installing an RV fridge fan. Some super-efficient models get your RV appliance cold in as fast as 30 minutes!

Can I turn my RV refrigerator fan on and off?

Typically, an RV fridge has a built-in thermostat, which automatically regulates the cooling process. This ensures that you don’t need to worry about turning it on or off when accessing your food!

However, if this isn’t the case for any reason – like with some older models — then there’s no problem manually. Remember not to exceed 60 minutes per 24 hours of operation without letting the appliance cool down first!

Please note that most modern designs have automatic cutoffs (usually after 30 mins), which will stop power from being supplied to your unit should you forget to switch it back into ‘on’ position before shutting the door again.

How do I install and use an RV refrigerator cooling fan?

Installing your best RV refrigerator cooling fan is a simple process that probably won’t take more than 30 minutes. For most models, you’ll be required to drill two small holes in the cabinet through which you will pass the cables or wire from inside and out for connection purposes.

Unfortunately, these are usually positioned on either side of the top section to interfere with its regular operation. Still, there may also be other ways to install this appliance depending on your model – please check the product description before purchase!

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The late summer season is a great time to freshen up your RV. Upgrading from an inferior fan in the refrigerator can be done for just a few dollars, and you’ll enjoy much better ventilation without having as many worries about food spoilage during long trips away from home.

Please look into our top picks before buying the best RV refrigerator fan! These high-quality fans are designed to keep cool air circulating through condenser coils on motorhomes, refrigerators, or freezers so that drinks stay cold even while traveling and foods like meats will not have any chance of spoiling when stored inside them all day long at campgrounds near waterfalls where we pass by every year!


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