Best Solar Generator for Refrigerator: Reviews and Buying Guide

Generally generators run on fossil fuels. An alternative way to create power for generators is harnessing the sun. There are some advantages using the best solar generator for refrigerator. They are easy to transport, safe for both indoors and outdoors and not noisy. On the other hand, fuel generators are often heavy, not safe for indoors and sometimes noisy. 

We know that fuel generators have more power. But the price is expensive. A solar generator doesn’t use gas, diesel or petrol. Sun is its source of fuel. Solar panels store energy in a high capacity batter after collect energy from the sun. 

You can have peace of mind by using a solar generator whether you’re inside of your home or you’re in a summer campaign outside the town.

What Is The Best Solar Generator For Refrigerator

If you want to power a refrigerator with a solar generator then you’ve to consider a few different things. First, you should determine how much watts your refrigerator needs. It largely depends on the size of the fridge. 

Secondly, you’ve to verify that your solar generator can supply the watts your refrigerator needs. Suppose your fridge needs 1000 watts. Then you’ve to buy a generator of 1500 watts. It would be a smart decision, because then you don’t have to run the generator at full capacity all the time. Otherwise it can fail prematurely. 

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Lastly, you’ve to consider how long you want to run your fridge. Most companies supply the average charge times for common appliances. And this can help you better understand the time limit. 

Depending on which purpose you’re using it for, find a generator for the time period you require. For example- emergency use, tailgating, camping etc. You can watch my videos to get ideas on how to power a refrigerator with a solar generator.

Gas Generator vs Solar Generator

Gas Generator 

Solar Generator 

Noisy process 

They can’t produce a lot more power like a gas generator.

A lot of noise is produced in the process.

Less noisy in producing power. 

They produce poisonous exhaust gas.

They don’t produce any exhaust gas.

They can be used only outdoors.

They can be used indoors, tents or even in a car.

These are very heavy and much larger than solar generators.  

Although these are large and heavy, you can set them in a permanent place to avoid moving them each time you want to recharge. 

Our Buyer's guide for the Best Solar Generator For Refrigerator

1. Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000, 1002Wh Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) with 3x110V/1000W AC Outlets, Solar Mobile Lithium Battery Pack for Outdoor RV/Van Camping, Emergency
  • MASSIVE CAPACITY & IMPRESSIVE ENDURANCE: With the 1000W wattage and 1002Wh capacity, this Explorer features 3 PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets, 2*USB-C, and 1*Quick Charge 3.0 port. It will power your full-size refrigerator, TV, heater, electric grill, blanket, and more for your outdoor and home needs.
  • UPGRADE ENDLESS SOLAR POWER: As an option to own the endless solar power, the Explorer 1000 can gear up with two Jackery Solarsaga 100W solar panels, upgrading into a Solar Generator 1000 System. The revolutionized MPPT technology provides a 23% higher conversion charging efficiency.
  • POWERFUL & VERSATILE PORTS: The Explorer 1000 features 3 standard PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets, which will provide extra capacity to power more AC devices and appliances. Extra bonus for the built - unlike most other portable generators, this supports PASS-THROUGH CHARGING while its battery life is protected.
  • NOISELESS, STRONG & SAFE: At a such large capacity, this Explorer will leave you with VERY LITTLE to NO noise, giving you the peace and power all at once. Its interior/exterior is well designed to ensure the product’s safety, while your devices and appliances are protected while being charged.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1* Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station (1002Wh Portable Power Station), 1*AC Adapter, 1* Car Charger Cable, 1*SolarSaga Parallel Adapter Cable, 1* User Manual.

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If you’ve got some ambitious power needs, the Jackery Explorer 1000 is just the friend for your next weekend getaway. With three AC outlets backed up by a variety of DC ports, you can bring all kinds of electronics and appliances with you. It’s perfect for powering anything from a mosquito killer to your favorite tunes player!  

Stay prepared when you’re away from home with this massive power station that features charging for these types of devices: USB-A, USB-C, 12V DC (cigarette lighter), 110VAC extension cord, and 208-240 Volt input/output. Stay safe on your next adventure knowing your essential gadgets are only inches away from being juiced back up and ready to go at anypoint. The AC ports act like wall outlets and DC ports are used to power phones and small electronics. 

But as the price is almost 1000$, is it a right decision to make such an investment? Generally we consider the durability, portability, charge capability etc.

In my opinion, the Jackery Explorer 1000 portable power station is a great product in spite of its high price. Their lithium ion battery technology, their solar charging capabilities, their durability, their lightweight and what’s more? 

I’ve used it to power outdoor activities mainly. It has worked great for everything and the other customers have also given good reviews. 

So, are you looking for a consistent power station that can be charged by solar energy? Then the Jackery Explorer 1000 is for you.

2. MAXOAK Portable Power Station BLUETTI EB150 1500Wh AC110V

MAXOAK Portable Power Station EB150 1500Wh AC110V/1000W Camping Solar Generator Lithium Emergency Battery Backup with 2 AC outlet Pure Sinewave,DC12V,USB-C for Outdoor Road Trip Travel Fishing
  • 【1500Wh Huge Capacity Power Station】MAXOAK EB150 is equipped with 1500Wh lithium power storage, and with a large AC inverter 1000W, this Power Station is specially designed for high-power device such as blender, Drill, hair Dryer(Max.1000W). it meets various kinds of power needs and widely used for home use, outdoor activities, RV, etc.
  • 【High Efficient Solar Generator】With a wide solar recharge range 16-60V(OCV) ,you can connect multi solar panels in series or parallel to provide Max.500W solar energy, and the pre-installed MPPT controller in the MAXOAK EB150 enable recharge the power station 40% faster. We recommend SP120(120W) or SP200(200W) solar panel to recharge the power station.
  • 【Multi Outputs for Various Power Needs】2*110V AC outlets for most household appliance under 1000W Such as blender,TV, household dryer,laptops.1* regulated DC12V for car devices like mini-fridge, car vacuum cleaner,1*45W Type-C for USB-C devices such as Laptop MacBook/MacBook Pro & PD Type-C Phones,4*5V3A(Max) USB for phones, tablets,camera,fans,light and more,Keep multi daily-used devices running in case of unexpected power failure or away from a wall outlet,widely used indoor or outdoor.
  • 【Solar/AC/Generator Recharge】1)This power generator can be recharged from the sun with solar panel (Open circuit voltage must be 16V~68V(Max),Max 500W,solar panel not included). 2) This power station can be fully charged in 7.5-8 hrs by being plugged into the wall outlet.Charge time varies on the solar panel, eg. 2* SP200 200W Solar Panel in series: About 5-5.5Hrs. Tips:Car recharge: you need buy a power inverter(≥300W) yourself.
  • 【What You Can Get】1 * Portable power station(EB150), 1 * AC wall charger(200W), 1 * PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 to MC*4, 1.7meters), 1 * Manual

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Some Features of MAXOAK

# It’s capacity is 1500Wh/1000W (maximum), specially designed for powering devices like blender, drill machine, hair dryer etc. 

# It can be used widely for both indoors and outdoors. 

# The generator can be recharged with a solar panel from the sun. 

# It can reach to full charge in 10 hours. The higher the power of the solar panel, the shorter is the charge time and vice versa. 

# Comes with battery management system (BMS). The function of BMS is to protect from overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit. 

Portable power stations can do the same things that a normal battery bank can. The MAXOAK Bluetti EB150 surpasses all other portable power station, its 150W output capacity is too much to handle for most devices!

3. EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station Delta

(Upgraded Version) AMIR Refrigerator Thermometer, Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer with 2 Sensors, Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Audible Alarm Temperature Gauge for Freezer Kitchen Home
  • ☑【2 Wireless Sensors】 Built-in the console and 2 remote sensors, the wireless fridge thermometer can display indoor temperature and 2 groups of outdoor temperature simultaneously. You can put the sensor in the refrigerator or outdoor.
  • ☑【Audio Alarm】The wireless thermometer set the alarm max & min temperature.The base will ring once the temperature is higher than the max or lower than the min set temperature.
  • ☑【Easy to Read Display】The LCD screen with large digit.Records Min and Max temperature provides the historical temperatures readings. With this feature, you can easily monitor the temperature change of your refrigerator and provide double protection to your food safety.
  • ☑【Wide Range】The indoor/outdoor thermometer range: Indoor -10℃~ 60℃ (14℉~ 140℉), Outdoor -40℃~ 60℃ (-40℉~140℉ ) and the transmission range is 100M/328ft(open area). You can use it in the fridge, freezer or outdoor, which provides safe food storage.
  • ☑【Multiple Installtion Ways】The wireless thermometer is easy to install. The display unit can stand on the table, hang on the wall, magnet on the refrigerator. The wireless sensor can clip on door or hang on the wall.【NOTE: Enjoy 1-year buyer's Assurance and lifetime support from our friendly support team】

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Are you still wondering about the EcoFlow Delta 1300? Is it worthy? Well, the answer is yes absolutely. The charge time is 2hrs and it’s really revolutionary. You don’t need to buy extra solar panels and no adapter is necessary. So it has got everything you would need. 

The EcoFlow Delta 1300 solar power station is not ideal for daily use though. Better if you use it occasionally, for camping, tailgating, festivals etc. It’s also suitable for emergency back-up in homes, in case of disaster situations and medical equipment. However, we don’t recommend it for daily use. 

4. AIMTOM Portable Solar Generator

AIMTOM 42000mAh 155Wh Power Station, Emergency Backup Power Supply with Flashlights (Solar Panel Optional), for Camping, Home, CPAP, Travel, Outdoor (110V/ 100W AC Outlet, 3X 12V DC, 3X USB Output)
  • ▲ GIGANTIC 42000mAh BATTERY WILL COVER ALL YOUR NEEDS: The AIMTOM SPS-155 Portable Generator, which has an IMMENSE 42000mAh 155Wh power capacity, is ideal for powering appliances at a campsite, a tailgate party, home improvement projects or can even double as a flashlight for emergencies.
  • ▲ ONE POWER GENERATOR FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES: Power up your laptop, stereo, CPAP or any other home appliances via the 110V/100W AC outlet. Use the 3 x 5V USB outputs to charge your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, GPS or action cameras while the 3 x 12V DC outputs are perfect for car refrigerators, fans and more.
  • ▲ TAKE YOUR POWER SUPPLY WITH YOU ANYWHERE: Even though our power station features a HUGE 42000mAh lithium battery, it weighs ONLY 3.48lbs. Plus, the comfortable and ergonomic handle will make carrying your outdoor emergency power sources a breeze. Just slip it in your car trunk and embark on your next adventure.
  • ▲ SO QUIET, EFFICIENT POWER: Rest assured that your portable battery will not disturb you or your loved ones, since it utilizes a built-in power inverter and runs quietly. It can be recharged via supported solar panels (Not included), car port, or AC wall outlets. Its built in MPPT controller automatically optimizes charging process and maximizes power extraction from solar panels under all conditions.
  • ▲ ADVANCED BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: The built-in BMS protects you against overcurrent, overvoltage, and over-temperature, ensuring the safety of you and your devices and prolonging battery life. It also features a built-in cooling fan to avoid overheating when charging.

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Weighing under 4 lbs, the AIMTOM Portable Solar Generator seems very small. But this is perfect for camping or any other outdoor adventures. The generator comes with 3 USB ports, 3 12V DC output and a 110V AC outlet. It’s cheaper compared to its competitors. 

Some Features of AIMTOM

# You can use it as a one power generator for all your devices. The AC output is perfect for electronic devices like laptop, stereo, cell phone, iPhone etc. while the DC output is suitable for car refrigerators, fans and more.

# You can take it as a power supply with you anywhere. Even though it has a huge lithium battery, it weighs only 3.48 lbs. The handle is comfortable and ergonomic enough to carry the power supply.

# The portable battery will not cause any disturbance as it uses a built-in power inverter. It runs quietly. 

# The MPPT controller can optimize the power extraction from solar panels for obtaining maximum output. 

# The advanced BMS system ensures the safety of yourself and your devices. 

Things You Should Consider while Choosing a Solar System

Solar Panels

Solar panels are devices that convert the sun’s light and heat into electrical energy. The wattage output of a solar panel is measured by how much power it can produce in an hour, or “watt-hour.” A typical household may have 2 to 3 kilowatts (kW) installed on their roof; this would generate about 4 kWh of wattage during peak hours when electricity rates might be expensive. Cells in Solar power generators capture sunlight which falls upon them like raindrops onto parched ground!

Solar panels are classified into 3 categories: 

Monocrystalline: These panels are made from single-crystal silicon wafers, have great efficiency, and are a little bit expensive. 

Polycrystalline: Polycrystalline solar panels are a next generation product to provide green energy. With their slightly less efficient rating than the monocrystalline counterpart, these panels still have an appealing upshot: they won’t cost nearly as much for you!

Amorphous Crystal: Amorphous solar panels are a great alternative for less-sunny areas. Made from amorphous crystals like sand on a beach, this is light, thin and flexible which makes them easy to transport. Efficiency levels of 50% means they work hard for you as long as it’s sunny out! 

Battery Storage Capacity and Power Rating

You can store certain amount of energy using solar batteries. They are called capacity and they can vary in power rating depending on how much energy is stored inside them. Generally, if you want more battery life but less power then choose one with high capacity and low output- this will give your phone plenty of juice for hours! 

You have to remember that a solar generator runs on stored energy. There should be enough panels to make 1000 watts of energy. But if the battery capacity is 500 watts of power then this is the maximum amount of energy you can have without adding extra capacity.

Trickle charging system is an important factor in case of using the batteries simultaneously while they are being charged. If you don’t have multiple batteries to cover the power needs over several days then the system is useful for you. Suppose your battery needs less than 8 hours to recharge. Otherwise you’ll be out of power while recharging the battery. 

Battery Type

The two most common batteries the products come in are lead-acid battery and lithium-ion battery.

1) Lead-acid batteries– These are used in cars, most common, less expensive and have shorter lifespan. They’re also used at home.

2) Lithium-ion batteries– These have longer lifespan than the previous one and are used in cordless tools. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, compact and more expensive. Because of their size and weight, the uses of these batteries are increasing in case of portable solar generators. 

Power Inverter Rating

Power inverters can convert DC to AC. DC comes out of the solar panels. AC is needed for your appliances

The maximum amount of watts of power that a system can produce is the total wattage rating that an inverter can show. Pure sine wave inverters are more efficient for some selected devices like microwaves, CPAP machines and televisions. Though they are costly, they cause less wear on devices.

Charger Controllers

The charge controller is an important part of your solar system and can prevent you from overcharging your batteries. It will typically cut the connection between the battery and panel when maximum voltage has been reached, but some models also have 3-stage or MPPT capabilities to maximize efficiency in current flow management. 

Controllers that are waterproof and also have an LED display will keep your system running at optimal efficiency. You’ll be able to see whether or not it’s working properly with a quick glance of the screen! 


Within the range of 20 to 200 lbs, the weight varies from model to model. It’s the combination of the weight of panels and battery. It’s hard to change the weight of a panel without using lightweight frames and lithium-ion batteries. These are much lighter than normal lead-acid batteries.  

A great way to save on battery weight is with lithium-ion technology. These batteries are much lighter than lead-acid, and because of their unique chemistry they can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes without sacrificing performance or reliability – key factors for portability.

Solar panels which can be folded like suitcases are easier to handle. A sturdy, wheeled box is easier to carry than separate pieces. 

Things You Should Avoid While Choosing a Solar Power Generator

When you go to purchase a portable solar generator you’ve to avoid the following things: 

✔ Incomplete kits. These require purchasing costly extra component(s).

✔ Proprietary systems. For these systems no replacement parts are being made. 

✔ Electronic components which are not waterproof. 

✔ Generators with no warranty or minimal warranties. 


If you can choose the best solar generator it’s not only convenient during power outages but can also save your life! Though gas generators are powerful, fuel is not always available. Read the reviews carefully and also talk to people who use them. A portable solar power station can be a perfect solution when light goes out. But remember to have a look into our recommended list. 



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