How Many Kegs Fit In A Mini Fridge?

How many kegs fit in a mini fridge

So, how many kegs fit in a mini fridge? I did not come up with this question. I found it on the internet and read some of the ‘answers’ that were proposed to it. Unfortunately, most of these answers were less answers as much as they were just filler sentences containing a comment about what beer you should be drinking or how many kegs would fit inside a Geo Metro. (Seriously, I saw one guy say “2-3” and then go on to talk about how he drank $50 worth of Goose Island at Big Ten tailgate parties in college.)

The answer I’m going to give is based on my own experience, though I encourage you to experiment for yourself. My feeling is that once you have two kegs in your mini fridge, time becomes a factor. You want to get those kegs out and set up as soon as possible so you can taste the beer they contain.

I think I have a solution that will allow for quick access to your beer while keeping enough space in your fridge to hold a second pair of empty kegs for easy future tapping.

Single Keg Method

Just put one keg inside the mini-fridge, but make sure there is plenty of clearance on all sides. Close the door…but not too hard! The hinge isn’t very rugged and can’t take much abuse. Test opening and closing it several times by hand before letting go of it with both hands (or reattaching the handle if you have removed it). When done properly it will feel very smooth.

If there is a little bit of play in the door, don’t worry about it, just close the door as tight as you can and make sure it latches properly.

Double Keg Method    

This method is for when your main objective is to move refrigerated beer from one place to another – such as if you want to take kegs home after a party or move beer around your house or apartment while entertaining guests.

I’ve done this several times with two 3 gallon (total volume) corny kegs that I use for mini-keg parties at home . If everyone attending knows that they’re getting mini-kegs, then no extra effort has to be put into serving them. I’ll just keep the mini-kegs inside the kegerators and bring them out whenever necessary.

The only time they’ve ever boiled over is when one of my friends decided to try to drink as much beer as possible during the first hour or so that we were hanging out, instead of waiting for me to bring it out to everyone else. (This was at a party with around 10 people….so you don’t have to worry about me having 2 kegs worth of beer in my house at any given time.)

I can fit two corny kegs standing up on their sides in a 21 cu ft mini fridge without issue (see “Single Keg Method” above). You will need some type of makeshift barrier between the two kegs to prevent them from pressing against each other and possibly causing a kink in the tubing. The barrier can be plastic or wood (if you have some wooden craft sticks laying around, for instance). Barriers that are too short will allow the kegs to come into contact with one another, so make sure it is tall enough to protect all parts of both kegs.

If you’re serving beer at home…you probably want this height. If you want to DIY your own kegerator, check out the video-

Video Credit- The BeardyMan Craft Beers

But if you’re taking your beer somewhere else….this will work better: Which brings us back to my original question…

Calculating How many kegs fit in a mini fridge?

Let’s go over the calculations now; I’ll use two corny kegs for this example – each with a diameter of 8.5″.

Fridge volume = 21 cubic feet (21″ x 21″ x 27″)

8.5″ round corny keg height + 1/2 gallon liquid displacement per corny keg = 9.125″ total height

9.125″ / 2 = 4.5625″ clearance between the top of one keg and the bottom of another…which means that you can fit two corny kegs standing up in an 18 cu ft mini-fridge side by side like this: If you don’t have enough room to do it this way, don’t worry! Just put them both down on their sides, or stack one on top if it’s not tall enough to stand up by itself.

I hope you found this information useful! I’ve never done the “put two on top of each other” method, because it would be too easy for them to tip over and their weight could smash your beer within a day or so…but if someone tries this, please let me know how it works out! If you liked this post , then check out my other posts about keg related things!


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