11 Easy Steps on How to Take Apart a Proform Treadmill

Learn how to take apart a ProForm treadmill

It isn’t easy to move a gigantic treadmill from one location to another. When it comes to disassembly, it appears to be more challenging. Even though you must remove most of the parts, it takes a long time. If this is your first time doing it, having a simple tutorial such as this one aids in the process.

This article will explain how to take apart a Proform treadmill step by step. You may disassemble the proform 995i treadmill or other ProForm models, but you can execute all of the actions similarly.

Understanding the Components of a Proform Treadmill

Before I go into how to disassemble a treadmill, you must understand the parts. A Proform treadmill has a lot of parts, and they all need to be removed for the machine to be taken apart. The console, base plates, handrails, foot rails, walking platforms, and bolts are some of the pieces that must be removed.

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The walking belt and the walking deck are fastened together. On the other hand, the walking platform is joined to the handrail via base mounts, which are also connected to the walking platform.

To be more precise, you must remove the console from the handrails. Then unscrew the base bars from the handrails. Last but not least, remove the base attachments from the frame. So, you’ll have to take it off your hands and knees.

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Easy steps to learn how to take apart a ProForm treadmill

How to Disassemble a Proform Treadmill

The steps below show how to dismantle a Proform treadmill for servicing, moving, cleaning, and maintenance.

Step 1: Lower the Incline

To take apart a Proform treadmill, you should lower the incline. Removing the walking deck is a lot easier this way. The standard ProForm machines have an eject button that stops and releases the belt to remove the walking belt easily. If you do not have such a machine, manually disengage the belt from the large pulley at the center of the running platform (behind where your feet go).

Step 2: Unplugging Treadmill Cables

On your backside, facing away from where your hands will be working, unclip or remove any electrical connections that may be plugged into various ports on your treadmill console (power cord and/or iPod connector).

Step 3: Unscrew the Frame Guide

Unscrew and remove one side of your treadmill’s frame (the side with the incline handle), and flip over the machine so that you’re facing its underside (where all the cables connect). Four hexagon-shaped screws on each frame guide bar should keep your treadmill in place, and your running platform parallel with your console. Remove these screws using an Allen wrench.

Step 4: Remove the Console

With the frame removed, you can easily access and pull out your treadmill console. The console is connected to the walking belt via a black quick-release connector, which should already be unplugged from its power source.

Step 5: Walk Off the Treadmill Belt

If your treadmill stand has rolling wheels, then it would be easier to slide the machine off of them and roll it away from where you’re working. If not, try using a rubber pad to lift one side of your treadmill deck while an assistant holds down the other end, or simply ask someone for help in lifting off the deck.

REMEMBER: Handling heavy equipment requires good physical strength–be careful when doing this!

Disassemble a Proform treadmill is easier than you think

Step 6: Detach Handrails

If you have upper handrails on your treadmill, remove them by unscrewing the hexagon bolts with an Allen wrench. These are located behind where your hands were resting on your treadmill handlebars.

Step 7: Detach the Mounts

If you have any base mounts attached to your treadmill, unscrew them with a Phillips head screwdriver. Next, remove the bolts holding this part onto your treadmill’s frame (where the walking belt attaches).

Step 8: Push Down on Walking Deck

Once all bolts and screws are removed, push down on the center of the running platform with both hands to disengage it from the motor mount (at the back end of where your feet go). Again, this can be easily done by hand–no tools are needed!

Step 9: Disconnect Walking Belt

Finally, disconnect both sides of your treadmill’s walking belt by pulling it off completely. The smooth rubber side should face up while pushing down one edge to ensure that the belt is pushed from underneath the motor mount.

Step 10: Remove the Walking Platform

It should now be easy for you to remove the center of your treadmill’s walking deck. It may come off easily because it’s usually light, or it might require some extra force–be careful!

Step 11: Assemble Your Treadmill Again

After taking your treadmill apart completely, simply do everything backward to put it all together (I recommend doing this over a carpeted surface). Be sure all electrical connections are plugged in correctly and tightened. Also, please check if all your bolts and screws are where they’re supposed to be!

Final Words

I hope that this article has been helpful to you and gave you some insight on how to take apart a Proform treadmill. If it didn’t, please let me know if anything is missing! I’d also appreciate comments/feedback and suggestions for any future topics. Thanks for reading–I’ll see you next time!


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